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ALBY5130 mike

Our expertise and experience favour the best use of the presses through an effective tooling protocol. Automation is pushed to the maximum and our latest generation presses have a force ranging from 200 to 900 tonnes, with induction and gas furnaces controlled by pyrometric optical instruments for automatic temperature control. The quality of the product is continuously monitored and all risks attributable to human error are eliminated.

The type of products that we can forge range from solid to lighter and more complex pieces with 16 cores. The forging weight ranges from a minimum of 20 g up to a maximum of 20 kg.

The department is equipped with a special fume extraction system which enables us to cut emissions to 10 times lower than the legal limit thereby safeguarding the environment.

The presses are soundproofed and connected to an exhaust system while lubricating oils are disposed of according to the standards required by international regulations.