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Technical Department


GV Stamperie uses technology with experience and creativity.

In our technical department there are CAD CAM stations, and many software applications are developed in-house to achieve maximum effectiveness in design and production.

Our customers are our primary partners and are involved in every step of the process starting with the direct use of their ideas and/or design. Together we analyze and choose the best engineering mix to use and follow it during the entire production design and implementation process, ensuring the highest quality and compliance with the most stringent certifications requested.

Before starting the development, we carry out a feasibility study using four 3D CAD/CAM stations and special simulation software (Pro/engineering and WorkNC) connected to each CNC machine in the department. We also create a virtual sample for greater precision in the design, thereby reducing the cost of equipment and the time for the next sample.

Once the simulation phase is concluded we proceed to construct the equipment and dies. In addition, through a fully integrated production cycle, we can ensure our clients the confidentiality of their ideas. No drawing or design is ever viewed by third parties.

Our company procedures also include Cost control.

We draw up tailored cost plans based on the customer’s needs and conduct in-depth studies on the impact of funding.

The projection of costs is transparent and calculated over several years. Starting from the base cost of raw materials, the customer knows in advance the cost of the product projected over the years.

By optimizing equipment turnover and the use of high-efficiency machinery and technologies, GV Stamperie reduces the cost of final products and increases its competitiveness.